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Great Exploration Tours - Atlanta Services
We are proud to say that we go above and beyond to offer all our customers the best experiences. We do so through a personalized experience, a dedicated selection of destinations and an appealing package of services ranging from Concierge Services, Destination Tour Packages and Cultural Heritage Tours, to Historical Tours, Family Excursions and Group Tour Packages.

Our tours and day trips are the perfect overview of each destination's history, culture, activities, scenic views and cuisine. We cater too individual, groups and international clients, travelling within United States and the Caribbean for either leisure or business. 

This innovative approach creates the perfect storm for a top quality service and an unforgettable experience tailored to the needs of our customers. 

If you have question concerning tours, prices, or need a quote please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff will help you find the best solutions for you. Please provide us with details of your event.

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Our target market are individuals and groups either domestic or international, traveling within United States for leisure or business.

Advantages of choosing our tours

    1. We are your local expert, offering professional plus personal services         in the Atlanta market. 

    2. We provide you with a resource of local partners, who provide         exceptional services.

    3. We know the Atlanta market, and offer wholesale tour packages. This         allows your company to save time and money.

    4. We offer up to a 20% discount to the industry for our tour packages.

    5. We can design tours for your client’s specific needs.